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3 Best Clickfunnels Backpack Alternatives To Manage Affiliate Programs

In this article, you’ll learn what Clickfunnels Backpack alternatives you can use to manage affiliate programs for your products.

Backpack is a built-in Clickfunnels feature that lets you create your own affiliate programs and easily connect them with your funnels.

Inside Backpack, you can create and customize commission plans, add different types of affiliates, or create two-tier affiliate programs.

Additionally, you can create an Affiliate Area for your promoters. This is where they can access any promotional materials like links, images, email templates, etc.

Sounds good, right?

So if Clickfunnels Backpack provides all the mentioned features, why do you need any alternatives?

The thing is that Backpack has a few disadvantages that may be annoying. Here’re a few examples:

  • The only currency supported by Backpack at the moment is USD.
  • ​You can’t delete a commission plan once you set it up.
  • ​You can’t remove the Clickfunnels logo and the copyright information from the affiliate dashboard.

In addition, if an affiliate promotes different products and has access to a few affiliate dashboards built with Clickfunnels Backpack, they may have issues with the access if they don’t use an incognito mode.

And the last point that we consider the downside of Backpack is the pricing. The Backpack feature is only available on the Clickfunnels Platinum plan priced at $297/mo.

Of course, the Clickfunnels Platinum plan includes some other features and benefits. However, if you consider it only for the Backpack module, the alternatives are better and less pricey.

Best Clickfunnels Backpack Alternatives

So we went through the reasons why it’s wise to have a look at some Clickfunnels Backpack alternatives.

Now, let’s go through the top three affiliate management software that we consider worth checking out and using instead of Backpack.

1 png

Tapfiliate is our #1 choice for the affiliate managment.

It offers basic features you would expect from any affiliate management software and some nice extras.

It has an intuitive, modern-looking dashboard that allows you to create affiliate programs in minutes.

Same as in Clickfunnels Backpack, you can add banners, videos, templates, and even shareable social media posts to the membership area for your affiliates to share. However, here you don’t have a branding issue Backpack has.

Also, Tapfiliate generates beautiful referral links for your affiliates that don’t look spammy. And you can create unique coupon codes for your promoters and reward them every time the coupon was used.

By the way, it takes only a few minutes to connect your Clickfunnels account with Tapfiliate if you use CF Power Scripts for this.

Pricing: Tapfiliate offers two pricing plans: Essential ($69/mo) and Pro ($149/mo).

But first, you can take advantage of the free 14-day trial to see if the Tapfiliate is the right Clickfunnels Backpack alternative for you.

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FirstPromoter is another popular affiliate management software that you may consider as an alternative for Clickfunnels Backpack.

While FirstPromoter can be used for different types of products, they’re mostly focusing on SaaS. The platform offers all the features needed to track, manage, and optimize your affiliate programs.

FirstPromoter is great at tracking subscriptions. It knows how to adjust commissions for billing events like upgrades, cancellations, refunds, expired credit cards.

Similar to Tapfiliate, FirstPromoter offers personalized referral links and coupon codes for your affiliates.

Moreover, FirstPromoter lets you manage VAT and non-VAT invoices for payouts made to affiliates (which is required for the EU companies).

Pricing: the Starter plan is priced at $49/mo (up to $5,000/mo from affiliates). The Business plan goes with additional features and is $99/mo (up to $15,000/mo from affiliates). The Enterprise plan costs $149+/mo (over $15,000/mo from affiliates).

You can also use the free 14-day trial to test the functionality of the platform.

3 png

Another alternative for Clickfunnels Backpack is Paykickstart.

The peculiarity of Paykickstart is that it’s not only a platform for affiliate management but also an amazing checkout solution.

Using Paykickstart, you can easily handle different kinds of billing and payments that Clickfunnels doesn’t offer natively. Here’re a few examples of what you can do in terms of payment management:

  • accept both credit/debit cards, PayPal, bank wires, and Apple Pay
  • ​choose from flexible pricing options including flat pricing, quantity-based, tiered or volume pricing
  • ​choose from flexible pricing options including flat pricing, quantity-based, tiered or volume pricing
  • ​handle billing changes (upgrades, reactivations, cancellations)
  • ​send out reminders about the card expiration, end-of-trial and so much more.

In terms of affiliate management, Paykickstart offers all the basic features you may need.

You can create affiliate programs with different kinds of commissions that you can pay to your promoters for each lead and/or sale.

Each affiliate has their own login area where they can find their unique affiliate links, promotional banners, email swipes, etc. With Paykickstart it’s also easy to run affiliate contests with a real-time leaderboard.

Another advantage of Paykickstart is their invoicing and tax solution. It allows you to automatically create and send beautifully designed invoices, charge worldwide VAT, Canadian GST, sales tax, as well as capture W9/W8 tax forms from affiliate partners.

Pricing: the minimum Paykickstart plan is priced at $99/mo. The more advanced plans with additional features cost $199/mo and $299/mo.

Like with the previous software, you can use the free 14-day trial from Paykickstart to test all the features.


If you consider using Clickfunnels Backpack to manage your affiliate programs, we recommend you to have a look at the alternatives first.

While Backpack seems to provide all the necessary features it has a handful of disadvantages.

If you’re looking for an affiliate management software with a lot of flexibility, you may go with FirstPromoter and Tapfiliate.

FirstPromoter is also great for SaaS as it can properly track subscriptions and adjust commissions based on different billing events.

Paykickstart offers both checkout and affiliate management solutions you can integrate with Clickfunnels.

All the above-mentioned Backpack alternatives offer a free 14-day trial so you can test the software and decide if it’s right for you.

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