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9 Clickfunnels Plugins You Can Use To Boost Your Funnels

In this article, we want to share 9 best Clickfunnels plugins you can use to boost your funnels’ performance and conversion.

If you’ve been using Clickfunnels for some time, you had a chance to see how powerful this funnel-building software is. It lets you easily create professional-looking sales funnels even if you’re not tech-savvy. No matter what niche your business is in and what product or service you’re selling, you’ll find a funnel type that will fit your needs.

Although Clickfunnels is an awesome tool, you can still complement it with some plugins and make your funnels even better.

So below you’ll find a list of Clickfunnels add-ons that we love and use ourselves and hope that they’ll help you too.

1. CF Power Scripts

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If you’re using Clickfunnels, then you need to use CF Power Scripts! CF Power Scripts lets you easily add features to your funnels that Clickfunnels doesn’t offer natively. Moreover, you can do it in as little as a few minutes and without copy-pasting any custom code.

So using CF Power Scripts, you can easily add Google reCAPTCHA, Facebook pixel lead and complete conversion tracking, multiple order bumps with images, multiple pop-ups, real-time email validation, Youtube and Vimeo video overlays, and much more.

You can get a bunch of scripts for FREE and upgrade to the paid CF Power Scripts VIP plan if you want to take advantage of all the scripts.

By the way, if you get a Secrets Masterclass package that includes 6 months of Clickfunnels Platinum subscription with a 45% discount + amazing bonuses, you will get CF Power Scripts VIP subscription absolutely for FREE.

2. CF Pro Tools

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Similar to CF Power Scripts, CF Pro Tools offers a set of scripts that let you integrate additional features to your funnels. In comparison to CF Power Scripts, CF Pro Tools scripts integration isn’t automated (you need to copy and paste the pre-written code into your funnels) which takes more time, effort and increases the chance of making a mistake.

Nevertheless, CF Pro Tools provides helpful scripts like Best Seller Highlights, Order Summary, Coupon Code, PayPal Plus, Cart Mode, and others. Some of the scripts are available on a free plan and more advanced ones are included in the VIP membership.

3. CF Stylebox

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CF Stylebox is another awesome Clickfunnels plugin that will help you to make your funnels more stylish and beautiful.

It’s a set of scripts that will give you the ability to quickly and easily add high-end design elements to your funnels. It includes 45+ design effects like button, text, image effects, animations, and much more.

Here’re some of the features CF Stylebox has to offer: Customized Google Fonts, 3D Text, Testimonial Slider, Soft Pop, Background Glow, and a lot of other beautiful design solutions.

4. Provely

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Provely is one of the best social proof solutions out there. You may know that social proof tools help to persuade the visitors of your page to take action based on the reviews from other customers or notifications about recent purchases of your products.

Clickfunnels has a built-in feature for this (Digital Table Rush), but it only works on the order forms showing potential customers who else has bought recently. Also, the Digital Table Rush pop-up will not show up on other pages of your funnel.

Provely lets you display real-time lead or sale notifications and customize the look of the notifications changing a template, color scheme, and frequency.

5. Funnelytics

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Another great Clickfunnels plugin on our list is Funnelytics. Whether you’re building funnels for yourself or clients Funnelytics will be a huge help.

Funnelytics’ drag-n-drop canvas let you map out your whole funnel strategy starting from scratch or tweaking a proven funnel template. Funnelytics also allows you to estimate conversion rates, expenses, and traffic volumes, calculate profit, ROI, and other important metrics.

On the Pro plan, you get access to 50+ high converting funnel maps from successful marketers like Tony Robbins, Lady Boss, and Russell Brunson, and others. You can add maps to your account with a single click and customize them for your needs.

Funnelytics offers a free Starter plan where you can map out your funnels, and Marketer and Pro plans with more features and benefits.

6. Smartlook

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Smartlook is the best tool to understand your users’ experience and optimize your funnels. It records users’ behavior on your funnel pages so you can see what they are actually doing.

Moreover, SmartLook lets you generate heatmaps in a matter of minutes. This means you’ll see where people click, where they move their mouse, and how far they scroll on the page. Heatmaps will help you see if important elements on your page are ignored and give you an idea of what should be changed in terms of design and copy to improve the conversion rate of your funnel.

7. iubenda

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If you take legal content on your funnel pages (like Terms of Service, Privacy and Cookie Policy, etc.) and legal requirements seriously but don’t want to pay a top dollar for the services of a lawyer, iubenda is what you need. iubenda helps you make your funnels compliant with the law across multiple countries and legislations.

You will be able to easily create customizable Privacy and Cookie Policy, Terms and Conditions, Cookie Notice banner, GDPR and CCPA solutions, and much more. The best thing is that if any of the legal regulations change, your documents will be updated automatically.

So using iubenda is like having a dedicated team of lawyers at the convenience of the software.

8. NeverBounce

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Another Clickfunnels plugin that we consider essential is NeverBounce. It allows you to add real-time email verification to your funnels and clean your lists from fake email addresses.

Why would you want to do it? Because Clickfunnels doesn’t really validate email addresses so people can opt-in on your funnel page with fake email addresses like Having fake addresses on your email list increases your bounce rate and harms your sender’s reputation. When you add the real-time email verification to your Clickfunnels account, visitors of your funnel will NOT be able to opt in unless they use a valid email address.

9. Funnel Fix It

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With a Funnel Fix It monthly subscription you can get all the issues in your funnels fixed for you by sales funnel experts. It’s extremely comfortable if you don’t want to deal with some issues or 3-party integrations yourself and want to have them done professionally.

On top of this, Funnel Fix It offers one-time fixes to get you up and running and your sales funnel launched sooner. They also custom build ANY sales or marketing funnel for you, usually within a week.

It’s not a 100% Clickfunnels plugin but an additional service you can use to outsource bug fixing of your funnels or even funnel building.

These are the best Clickfunnels add-ons we recommend every Clickfunnels user to consider. Some of them will help you to make your funnel prettier, while others will improve performance and conversion.

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