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CF Pro Tools Alternatives That Are Definitely Worth Considering

In this article, we're going to share a list of CF Pro Tools alternatives so you can decide which tool fits your needs the best way.

If you're using Clickfunnels, you probably heard of CF Pro Tools - one of the most popular Clickfunnels add-ons. CF Pro Tools offers a set of scripts that you can paste to your funnels, and this way add features that Clickfunnels doesn't offer natively.

Some scripts are available already on the free plan, but the paid membership priced at $37/mo offers even more possibilities.

By the way, if you're curious to learn more about CF Pro Tools features and pricing, check out our CF Pro Tools review.

Despite the awesome features CF Pro Tools offers, it also has some downsides.

Firstly, you need to copy-paste scripts into your funnels. While it seems easy, it leaves room for mistakes that may cause some issues in the performance of the script or your funnels.

Secondly, you may not find the feature you're looking for among the CF Pro Tools scripts, or you don't like the provided implementation of the feature.

Luckily, there're a few CF Pro Tools alternatives that provide different ways of the feature integrations and have scripts that CF Pro Tools doesn't offer.

Let's go straight to them!

CF Power Scripts


Similar to CF Pro Tools, CF Power Scripts allows you to add features to your funnels that Clickfunnels doesn't offer out of the box.

The biggest advantage is, though, you do not have to actually copy any code to your funnels. All of the features you want to add to your funnels are customized and managed within the CF Power Scripts dashboard.

This makes the integration of the features much easier and reduces the chance of making a mistake.

Even on a free plan, CF Power Scripts offers a lot of awesome features like adding reCAPTCHA to your funnels, lazy loading of your videos, multiple order bumps, real-time email validation, translation & RTL layout, and much more.

The paid VIP plan gives you access to the more advanced features like full Facebook pixel conversion tracking, customization of the user's data on your funnel pages, professional embedding of Vimeo & YouTube videos, order bumps with images, and a lot of other scripts that bring your funnel's performance to a new level.

Pricing: as mentioned above, you get a lot of features already on a free CF Power Scripts plan. The VIP plan goes with an investment of $37/mo.

Funnel Care


Funnel Care works the same way as CF Pro Tools. It offers a collection of scripts that you need to paste into your funnels.

This CF Pro Tools alternative focuses mostly on the improvement of your funnels' speed. For example, the Lazy Loading Off-Screen Images script allows you to load all your page images only when visitors start scrolling. This alone will increase your page speed and help you achieve a higher speed score in GTmetrix.

Additionally, Funnel Care offers scripts like FAQ dropdowns, phone validation, mobile pop-ups, and others.

Pricing: you can get Funnel Care for a one-time payment of $87.

Funnel Toolbox


Funnel Toolbox is very similar to CF Pro Tools but with far fewer scripts. You can add the scripts to your funnels to create additional features like shopping cart, product variations, ToS confirmation.

They also offer a Chrome extension for duplicating a product inside a funnel or copying it to other funnels.

Pricing: based on the scripts you want to get access to and the number of domains you have, you can pick between the Cart ($14/mo), Pro ($37/mo), and Pro+ ($97/mo) plans.

Final Thoughts On The CF Pro Tools Alternatives

As you can see, CF Pro Tools is not the only tool that helps add features to your funnels.

There're CF Pro Tools alternatives that offer better and easier integration, different features, or a bigger variety of scripts. Therefore, you can decide for yourself which tool will be the best choice for your funnels.

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