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CF Pro Tools Review: Clickfunnels Add-On To Supercharge Your Funnels!

In this CF Pro Tools review, you’ll learn what CF Pro Tools has to offer to its users, what pricing plans you can choose from, and what alternatives are out there.

CF Pro Tools is a library of scripts that you can use to add custom features to your Clickfunnel funnels.

Clickfunnels itself is a powerful funnel building software. But if you’re additionally leveraging the power of available Clickfunnels add-ons, your funnels will look even more professional and perform better.

Sometimes Clickfunnels doesn’t natively offer features you need in your funnels. Then you should either write some custom code and add it to your funnel or use third-party tools like CF Pro Tools or its alternatives.

CF Pro Tools Features

So, what features can you add to your funnels with the help of CF Pro Tools? The tool offers a variety of scripts for the order forms, checkout process, order bumps, and design.

Some of the features are minor and just nice to have. Others may be crucial and without them, you wouldn’t be able to build your funnel the way you want it to be.

Here’re some scripts CF Pro Tools has to offer:

  • ​CF Unslider – configures a slider for images or entire rows of content, for example, testimonials.
  • ​CF Cart Mode – turns your order form into an e-commerce cart with the possibility to select quantities and multiple products.
  • Promo Code Pro – adds coupon codes to the products of your funnel.
  • CF International Shipping – lets you charge a different amount for the non-domestic orders shipping.
  • Toggle On Product – hides/shows elements on the page based on which product was selected on the order form.
  • CF State Selector – creates a dropdown field on your order form to choose a US state.
  • CF Lesson Links – allows you to link to a specific lesson inside your membership area.

Those are only a few examples of what features you can add to your funnels!

Once you create your user account, you’ll need to copy the code of the script you want to use, adjust it a bit, and paste to your funnel.

Based on what scripts you need for your funnels, you can choose a pricing plan that will fit you most.

Pricing Plans

At the moment, CF Pro Tools offers three pricing plans.

Already on a free plan, you get access to over 20 scripts and can use them in your funnels without paying anything.

VIP Club Monthly Membership ($37/mo) includes all the scripts of the free plan plus other exclusive features. This pricing plan also offers ongoing training on funnel building, CSS, JavaScript, and Zapier.

VIP Club Annual Membership ($347/year) offers all features of the Monthly VIP Club Membership with the possibility to save money compared with the annual billing.


CF Pro Tools Alternatives

If you didn’t find the features you were looking for or didn’t like CF Pro Tools for any other reason, you may want to check an alternative tool.

CF Power Scripts is another Clickfunnels add-on that can take your Clickfunnels funnels to a new level. However, CF Power Scripts works in a different way than CF Pro Tools – you don’t have to actually copy-paste any code. All the settings are managed within the CF Power Scripts dashboard.

CF Power Scripts also offers free and paid plans. Even the free plan has some awesome features other tools don’t offer, like adding reCAPTCHA, real-time email validation, translation, RTL orientation, different kinds of tracking, and much more.

The VIP plan offers more advanced features like multiple pop-ups, detailed Facebook pixel conversion and lead tracking, the professional embedding of Vimeo and YouTube videos, customization of the user’s data, paid trail, and a lot of other things that help you get the most out of your funnels.

Final Thoughts

To sum up, CF Pro Tools lets you easily add features to your funnels and go beyond the functionality offered by the Clickfunnels editor.

It’s a nice solution because you don’t need to hire somebody to write custom code for you. Already on a free plan, you get features that can help your funnels’ performance. For more advanced features, you can switch to the paid plan.

Additionally, you can check out CF Power Scripts which is another Clickfunnels add-on. It offers an easier integration without dealing with custom code and features that CF Pro Tools doesn’t have.

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