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Best Facebook Conversions API Integration For Clickfunnels

You may have noticed that the tracking accuracy of your Facebook ads got worse lately.

And you could even see that it negatively affects the performance and profitability of your ads.

In this article, we’re going to explain how you can fix it using Facebook Conversions API, and what is the best Conversions API solution for Clickfunnels.

Why do you need Facebook Conversions API?

Not that long ago, it was enough to use the regular Facebook pixel tracking in our funnels and collect the data you need.

Then Apple announced changes with their iOS 14 and that drastically affected the accuracy of the Facebook tracking.

Now users of iOS 14 and later should actively opt into tracking on their devices via a prompt Apple shows them.

And as you may understand, not a lot of people do that. Therefore, ads personalization and performance reporting became extremely limited.

If we also consider issues caused by ad blockers and some browsers, it becomes clear that getting accurate performance reports and keeping your Facebook ads profitable isn’t that easy anymore.

What is Conversions API?

Conversions API is a Facebook Business Tool that allows you to track purchase and lead events in your Clickfunnels funnels server-side.

That means you can circumvent the limitations of iOS 14, ad blockers, browsers and get high tracking accuracy. In other words, improve your ads’ performance.

Here’re just a few benefits of using Conversions API for your Clickfunnels funnels:

  • getting highly accurate data about the actions of the funnel visitors
  • ​improving your ads’ performance and profitability
  • ​create better fitting retargeting ads that bring more conversions

How to add Conversions API to Clickfunnels?

We believe you understand that Conversions API becomes a must-have for Clickfunnels if you want to have proper tracking for your Facebook ads.

The next reasonable question would be “How do I add the Conversions API to Clickfunnels?”

There are a few solutions out there that you can use and we’ll compare them so you can decide which one is the best.

Besides the native Clickfunnels solution, we’re going have a look at CF Power Scripts, Funnelish, and Capibox.

We’re going to compare all solutions based on the following criteria:

  • which events you can track
  • ​how they handle events deduplication
  • ​how many pixels you can add to a domain
  • ​additional features you can benefit from
  • ​pricing

Let’s start with looking at the events that you can track with each of the solutions!

Which Facebook events can you track?

The more events you track the more you know about the behavior of the people who visit your funnel.

That means you can retarget your leads better and improve the performance of your ad campaigns.

CF Power Scripts lets you track ALL Facebook events including custom events that you trigger yourself in your custom code. Additionally, you can set up custom conversions for all events to track and optimize actions on specific funnel pages.

Using Clickfunnels you can track the most popular events. However, keep in mind that using the native Clickfunnels solution you won’t be able to add multiple pixels to your domain. And you have to use custom domains, and not default Clickfunnels subdomains.

  • Lead
  • ​Purchase
  • ​Page view
  • ​Add to cart
  • ​Initiate checkout
  • ​Complete registration
  • ​Customize product
  • ​Submit application

Funnelish allows you to track basic events but depending on you needs, it may be insufficient:

  • Lead
  • ​Purchase
  • ​Add payment info
  • ​Add to cart
  • ​Initiate checkout
  • ​Complete registration​

With the help of Capibox you can track only two events:

  • Lead
  • ​Purchase

Events deduplication

If you’re using both the Facebook pixel and Conversions API, Facebook may receive the same events from browser and server.

Obviously, having the same event reported twice is redundant. That’s why Facebook keeps one event and discards the other. This is called deduplication.

If the events deduplication is implemented wrong, it can mess up the performance reports of you ads.

And there’re two ways how Facebook deduplicates events:

  • “FBP” parameter or External ID

In this case, your browser and server events get the “fbp” parameter and/or an external ID. Then Facebook removes duplicated events automatically.

Unfortunately, Facebook doesn’t do it accurately!

For example, it’ll automatically remove events for your OTO purchases because it’ll consider them a copy of the main purchase.

And that happens even if the prices of the products are different!

Capibox, Funnelish, and Clickfunnels use this approach, and this may cause issues with the tracking of your upsells and downsells.

  • Event ID and Event Name (Recommended by Facebook)

With this approach Facebook determines if browser and server events have the same name and ID.

Based on this information, Facebook can deduplicate events in a much better way. It also doesn’t blindly remove upsells and downsells purchases because they happen briefly after the main purchase.

CF Power Scripts uses this approach recommended by Facebook and therefore, provides more accurate reports.

Additional features

Some of the services offer additional features along with the Facebook Conversions API solution for Clickfunnels.

So, you can get more for your money!

Well, there’s not much to say about Clickfunnels as you’re already using this funnel-building platform. Conversions API is one of their native features.

CF Power Scripts offers more than 60 additional features! A big share of their scripts are meant to provide proper tracking for Clickfunnels users.

And it’s not limited to the Facebook tracking! Using CF Power Scripts you can easily set up Google Analytics, complete Snapchat, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest tracking for your funnels, use reCAPTCHA, multiple pop-ups and order bumps, give the Vimeo and Youtube videos on your funnels a professional look, and so much more.

Funnelish has around 20 features along with the Conversions API solution. Among them Smart Opt in, smart currency converter, various payment options, improved credit card box, Pinterest tag, Google Analytics etc.

Capibox only focuses on the Conversions API solution and doesn’t have any additional features to offer to its users. We guess the best approach here is to evaluate which additional features your funnels may benefit from most and see which solution provides them.


Now, let’s see what is the best option in terms of pricing.

If you decide to use the native Clickfunnels integration, you don’t have to pay anything on top of your Clickfunnels subscription.

However, it’s important to keep in mind all the disadvantages of the Facebook Conversions API solution that Clickfunnels offers natively.

The monthly subscription for CF Power Scripts is $37. And it includes the possibility to track all Facebook events with the Conversions API, 60+ additional features for your funnels, and impeccable support.

Or you can get CF Power Scripts for free by taking advantage of this offer.

Funnelish charges $29/month for their Facebook Conversions API solution and 20+ additional features.

Capibox is priced at $39/month, and don’t offer any features besides the basics of the Conversions API

What’s the best Facebook Conversions API solution for Clickfunnels?

If your goal is detailed Facebook tracking with the help of the Conversions API, then we believe CF Power Scripts is the best way to go.

Using CF Power Scripts you’ll be able to track literally all events on your funnels including custom events. It’s the only solution that uses the events deduplication method recommended by Facebook to make sure your tracking is as accurate as possible.

On top of that, you get a lot of other additional features to level up your funnels.

And you can even get CF Power Scripts for free if you take advantage of this deal.

The native solution from Clickfunnels has enough limitations (like using only one pixel per domain) which may cause inconvenience for some users.

Additionally, Clickfunnels allows to track only basic events. So if you need detailed tracking you should most likely consider CF Power Scripts.

Funnelish would be a cheaper alternative but you should keep in mind that they only track the most popular events and don’t use the recommended deduplication method.

Capibox is the most expensive solution and also the least efficient. If you use Capibox, you can track only lead and purchase events which is a drop in the ocean.

They don’t provide any additional features, and, in our opinion, the high price isn’t justified at all. Especially if you consider what alternative solutions are providing for less money.

What is Facebook CAPI?

Conversions API is a Facebook Business Tool that allows you to track purchase and lead events in your Clickfunnels funnels server-side. That means you can circumvent the limitations of iOS 14, ad blockers, browsers and get high tracking accuracy. In other words, improve your ads' performance.

Does Clickfunnels work with Facebook Conversions API?

Yes, Clickfunnels has a native Conversions API integration, however, it allows to use only one pixel per domain and tracks a handful of events. That's why the best way to connect Facebook Conversions API to Clickfunnels is to use CF Power Scripts.

How do I add Facebook Conversion API to Clickfunnels?

The best way to add Facebook Conversion API to Clickfunnels is to use CF Power Scripts. This will allow you to track ALL events on your funnels including custom events.

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