Blog/Expert Secrets Book Review: A Guide To Creating A Mass Following

Expert Secrets Book Review: A Guide To Creating A Mass Following

The Expert Secrets book by Russell Brunson quickly became a bestseller, the same as DotCom Secrets released before.

As Russell himself describes the book – it’s the underground playbook for creating a mass movement of people who will pay for your advice. The book is a comprehensive guide on positioning yourself as an expert in your niche and building a tribe of loyal followers.

Russell Brunson is living proof that his strategy works as he has a huge following, not to mention an “army” of Funnelhackers behind ClickFunnels.

So, in the Expert Secrets book, he shares tips on how he achieved such results. In our opinion, this book is a must-read for any entrepreneur or marketer.

"Expert Secrets is the map that will allow you to turn your specialized knowledge, talents, and abilities into a business that will work for you! This is one of the shortcuts of the new rich".

Robert Kiyosaki

What Is The Expert Secrets Book About?

Expert Secrets was released in 2017 after DotCom Secrets, another famous book by Russell Brunson. The book is all about creating your tribe of followers by becoming an expert in your area and influencing the lives of other people.

Russell fills the book with many examples and stories that illustrate how he created his following and turned ClickFunnels into a highly successful business.

The Expert Secrets book will be of immense value to entrepreneurs who sell info products (e.g., ebook, course, coaching) directly as well as to those who want to leverage info products to grow their own business. This is exactly what Russell did to grow ClickFunnels.

What’s Inside The Expert Secrets Book?

The Expert Secrets book consists of five sections, which we’ll cover further. The content of these sections maps out the whole system you should follow if you want to position yourself as an expert in your niche and build a massive following.

Section 1: Creating Your Mass Movement

The first thing Russell explains in the book is the creation of your own mass following. He points out that all mass movements have three things in common:

  • a charismatic leader or an attractive character;
  • ​the focus on a future-based cause;
  • ​a new opportunity for the audience.
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But first, you should pick a niche you want to target and where you want to position yourself as an expert.

There are three core markets out there to pick from – wealth, health, and relationship. However, you should narrow down your audience and choose a submarket. This way, it’ll be easier for you to craft your message to the audience as you’ll know their pain points and needs.

In the Expert Secrets book, Russell explains how you can go even deeper and create a blue ocean in your submarket where there is not so much competition. Therefore, it’s going to be easy for you to stand out.

After you pick your niche you can move further to the development of your Attractive Character.

2 jpg

Russell explains how to create an Attractive character around your personality - not to make it up but create based on the character traits you already have.

You see, all types of Attractive character identities have their own traits. You just need to choose an identity that fits you most and feels natural for you and develop it.

In this section, you’ll also find the description of the elements that form every Attractive Character identity. Using these elements, you’ll be able to build a trustworthy relationship with your audience. So, in the end, they know, like, and trust you and, therefore, are more willing to buy from you.

Russell also explains the difference between an improvement offer and a new opportunity, and how to present the latter to your audience so they can’t resist buying it.

Section 2: Creating Belief

In this section of Expert Secrets, Russell explains how to understand your audience and turn them into customers based on their beliefs.

He goes into detail about how to use the One Thing or The Domino principle to crush false objections and beliefs. In other words, how you figure out one thing your prospects will believe in that will knock down all their objections.

You’ll also learn how to connect with your audience through the emotional experience using The Epiphany Bridge.

The Epiphany Bridge” serves to give your audience an “aha” moment or epiphany you experienced at some point. You’ll learn how to structure your story, so people who listen to it have the same epiphany themselves.

3 png

You’ll also learn about another concept in this part – the “Kinda Like” bridge. This bridge helps to simplify complex concepts and explain them to your audience in simple terms avoiding techno babble.

Russell also talks about a story framework called The Hero’s 2 Journeys. This framework will give you context for what a good story needs to be and will help you craft your Epiphany Bridge stories. It’s a proven structure you can use for any story you want to tell. And when done right, you may be sure your listeners will pay close attention and be engaged.

Section 3: Your Moral Obligation 

In this section of the Expert Secrets book, Russell switches the gears and talks about sales. To be precise, he teaches how to implement everything you’ve learned in the first two sections and apply it in your business.

He explains how to use a "Stack Slide", which helps to increase the perceived value of your product. You’ll learn how to effectively build your own stack slide and use it as an irresistible offer.

4 jpg

Moreover, Russell shows how to sell your offer via an online webinar. Webinars are probably one of the best methods to sell your product because you can run a few of them per day.

Russell spent years doing webinars, so he was able to invent and perfect the formula of a successful webinar. He calls this formula the "Perfect Webinar" and explains in detail how you can utilize it.

You’ll learn how to structure your webinar to take your prospects from the initial curiosity to the point where they’re ready to pay for the value you provide.

5 jpg

Section 4: The Funnels 

After you went through the whole process described in previous sections, the next step is getting the right people to come into the selling environment you created. That’s what Russell shows in this part of the Expert Secrets book.

He suggests doing that by creating sales funnels using ClickFunnels software and filling those funnels with qualified prospects.

When you master this piece, you’ll have a constant stream of people to share your message, knowledge, and expertise with.

Section 5: What's Next? 

In this section of the Expert Secrets book, Russell covers how to get people into the funnels you created and what to do to ignite your following.

This section will show you how to fill your funnels and how you can jump-start your success as an expert.

Expert Secrets Book Pricing 

Russell Brunson is giving away his Expert Secrets book for FREE!

You’ll only need to cover shipping and handling which comes down to $7.95 in the USA and $14.95 internationally.

Additionally, you can also get an Expert Secrets audiobook if you prefer this format to hard-copy books.

Final Thoughts

To sum it up, Expert Secrets is a must-read book for any entrepreneur or marketer. It’s full of advice and action steps that will let you build your own following of loyal fans.

By developing a huge following, you don’t have to rely on Google or Facebook ads anymore. You’ll have an audience that will consider you an expert and buy what you’re offering.

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