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How To Easily Track Upsells (OTO) Pages In ClickFunnels

In this article, we’re going to show you how to track upsells and downsells pages in Clickfunnels with the help of the Facebook pixel.

The upsell and downsell pages (also known as One Time Offer Pages) are the pages of the funnel your customers usually see after they purchased your main product.

In Clickfunnels, the upsell or downsell steps of your funnel allow you to offer additional products and services to your customers without asking them to re-enter their credit card information.

If you know how to properly track OTO pages using Facebook pixel, you’ll have an in-depth look at your customers’ behavior and your ROI.

Nevertheless, dealing with the Facebook pixel can be overwhelming especially if you aren’t tech-savvy. But we’ve got a solution for this!

We’re going to use CF Power Scripts to easily track your upsells and downsells in Clickfunnels! Let’s see how seamlessly you can set everything up!

How To Track Upsells And Downsell Pages In Clickfunnels

To set up proper tracking you’ll need to use a few scripts from CF Power Scripts:

  • Facebook Pixel script that provides the regular Facebook pixel ID and tracking code
  • Facebook Conversion Tracking script which actually triggers the conversion tracking
  • Conversion Tracking Addon which provides the core logic to gather all the purchase information that is later used by the Facebook Conversion Tracking script.

It may seem overwhelming but the set up is actually straightforward and takes less than 10 minutes and minimum efforts from your side!

Step 1: Adding The Basic Facebook Pixel Script

  • Before you integrate the to your funnels.
    Facebook Conversion script which is responsible for the upsells and downsells tracking, you’ll need to add a basic Facebook Pixel script to your funnel.

    For this, please check out our step-by-step guide on how to add the basic Facebook pixel tracking code

Step 2: Adding The Facebook Conversion Script

  • Log in to your CF Power Scripts account and head to the Power Scripts tab.
  • ​Select a funnel where you want to track OTO pages.
  • ​Click the Add New button and pick the Facebook Conversion Tracking script from the list.
1 png
  • Set up
    The other option is to set the tracking location to the Order Confirmation page. It means that the tracking of all the transactions the customer made in the funnel will happen only when they reach the order confirmation page.Track Location. You can either set the conversion tracking location to the Next Step or Order Confirmation.

    If you set your tracking location to Next Step, once somebody buys a product on your order form, the purchase will be tracked on the next funnel step, which usually is an upsell page. If they buy that upsell and go to the second upsell or the order confirmation page, it’ll track that upsell purchase on the next funnel step and so on.
  • ​Click Add Script.
2 png

Step 3: Integrating The Conversion Tracking Addon

  • In CF Power Scripts, choose the upsell/downsell step of your funnel.
  • ​Click the Add Script button and find the Conversion Tracking Addon script.
3 png
  • Fill in the default settings and click Add Product.
4 png
  • As you can see, there’re a couple of fields that you need to fill in for your upsell/downsell products. To get that information, you need to open your funnel in Clickfunnels and go to the same upsell/downsell step.
  • ​Go to your Products tab.
  • ​Select the product that you want to track and click Edit.
5 png
  • Copy your product ID from the product URL (the number in the link that follows “product/”).
6 png
  • Go back to CF Power Scripts and paste the product ID in the corresponding field.
  • ​Give the product a name, choose the product type and set the price, currency, and LTV Factor if applicable.
  • ​Click Add Script.
7 png

That’s how easy you can track upsell and downsell pages in Clickfunnels using CF Power Scripts! Even if you’re not tech-savvy or haven’t worked with the Facebook pixel before, you’ll be able to seamlessly integrate everything!

If it still seems overwhelming, CF Power Scripts provides step-by-step explanatory videos for each script and you can always reach out to the support if you have any questions.

Track Upsells In Clickfunnels F.A.Q.

How to track upsells in Clickfunnels?

The best way to track upsells or downsells in Clickfunnels is to use CF Power Scripts. It’s easy and fast to set up even if you aren’t tech-savvy and haven’t worked with Facebook pixel before.

How to add Facebook pixel in Clickfunnels?

You can do it in a regular way which will require dealing with some code or use the solution called CF Power Scripts. It’ll allow you to add the Facebook pixel to your funnels built in Clickfunnels in less than 5 minutes and with just a few mouse clicks.

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