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How To Make Money With Honeygain - Easy Passive Income

In this article, we're going to cover how to make money with Honeygain and what you can do to maximize your earnings.

Honeygain is a service that lets you earn passive income just by sharing your internet connection. While you're certainly not going to get rich using Honeygain, why not make some extra money with almost no effort?

Let's jump in and see how you can start earning money with Honeygain!

How Honeygain works

Now, you may be wondering how exactly Honeygain works and why would they pay you just for sharing your internet connection.

Simply put, Honeygain turns your device (your computer or mobile phone) into a proxy server. If you don't know what a proxy server is, let us quickly explain it.

Usually, when you want to visit a website e.g., you enter the website address in the browser bar, and your computer connects to the servers of Google.

If you used a proxy server, you'd enter in your browser but your computer would first connect to a different computer, and that computer would connect to

So, this machine between your computer and the address you want to reach is a proxy server.

Why would somebody use a proxy server?

One of the examples would be to evade the geo-restrictions of services like Netflix.

If you live in the US and have a Netflix subscription, when you try to access Netflix from another country, you'll see different content. This happens because Netflix content is tailored for each country.

Theoretically, you could use a VPN (Virtual Private Network) or proxy servers to "mislead" Netflix and still watch the US content from another country.

Obviously, services that apply geo-restrictions want to avoid this. So they gather the IP addresses of the most popular VPN and proxy server providers.

It means when you're using a VPN or a proxy server, Netflix may restrict your access to their services.

Numbers-1536x714 png

That's where Honeygain comes into play! Honeygain doesn't run its own VPN or proxy servers in data centers with known IP addresses.

They provide a piece of software that every person can install on their device and turn their device into a proxy server for other people.

Therefore, services that want to prevent people from using proxy servers or VPNs can't do that because the access doesn't come from the data center IP address but from a regular IP address.

That's how Honeygain works and why they have a considerable advantage over commercial proxy server providers. And it's also the reason why you're able to make money with Honeygain.

How To Make Money With Honeygain

Now, when you understand how Honeygain works, let's see how you can start making money with it.

  • ​ Install the Honeygain application on your device with an internet connection.
    You can use Honeygain on Android, Windows, MacOS, and Linux. Here're the technical requirements for the devices to run Honeygain.
    Also, there is no limitation on how many devices you can have on a single account. But the number of devices is limited to two devices per one IP/network.
  • ​ Honeygain app securely shares your internet connection with no access to your personal data.
  • ​ Your connection is used as a part of the residential proxy network.
  • ​ You earn passive income by employing your connected devices.

In other words, once you installed Honeygain on your device, your device will be available as a proxy server.

If somebody wants to use a proxy server in your location and they use a service that relies on the Honeygain network, then that connection may go through your device.

You'll not notice that something is going on. The user will not have access to any data on your computer. The Honeygain application simply passes the traffic from that user through to the server where it's supposed to go.

How Much Money Can You Make With Honeygain?

It's an important question because the answer to it, probably, defines if Honeygain is worth your time.

As mentioned in the beginning, most likely you won't earn a full-time income with Honeygain. However, you can make $20-40 per month with literally zero effort.

Your earnings are based on the GB amount of traffic you share with Honeygain's network. The more you share, the more you earn!

For 10 MB of traffic that goes through your devices, you'll earn 1 credit. So for 10 GB shared, you'll earn $1.

The minimum amount you need to accumulate for the payout is $20. As soon as you have that amount on your balance, you can withdraw it.

And if you use our link to sign up for Honeygain, you'll get $5 credited to your account. So you can reach the minimum payout faster!

Based on Honeygain stats, it takes users 48 days on average to reach their first $20. It took us around 60 days to get $20 on our balance.

Additionally, you can use the calculator on the Honeygain website to estimate your potential earnings based on the number of devices you're going to use and the potential shared traffic.

Calculator-1024x610 png

How To Withdraw Money From Honeygain

Once you reach $20, you can withdraw money from your Honeygain account. At the moment, Honeygain offers two payment methods: PayPal and Bitcoin.

They use a payment provider called Tipalti to handle all the PayPal payouts. That's why after you request your first payout, you need to register at Tipalti. But later, all payouts will be processed by Tipalti automatically.

If you still have doubts about whether Honeygain really will pay you what you earn, you can check out our video showing the Honegain payout proof.

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How To Increase Your Honeygain Earnings

There're a few ways how you can make even more money with Honeygain. As you'll see, they're pretty simple!

1. Set up the app properly

The setup process consists of a few steps, and it's crucial that you complete all of them in order to start making money.

First, you need to sign up on the Honeygain home page. Don't forget to use our link or the code HONEY5D4D4 alternatively to claim your $5 bonus!

After you created an account, it's time to download the app and install it on your device. When the installation is complete, log in to your account and make sure the app is running. From time to time take a look to make sure Honeygain is on and you're getting your money.

2. Use the Content Delivery feature

Content Delivery is Honeygain's beta feature, allowing users to share their internet connection for bandwidth-intensive content such as images, videos, audio, heavy websites, VoIP, etc.

It's not available in all countries yet, but if you can use it in your country, you can earn additional 10 credits per hour which equal $7.20/month, if the Content Delivery feature is active for the whole period.

3. Honeygain referral program

Honeygain referral program is another nice way to increase your earnings!

If you spread the word about Honeygain, you can earn additional credits! Each new user you invite will get a $5 bonus credited to their account. And you earn 10% of each new user's earnings.

Don't worry! Their earnings won't be affected - you'll get this additional bonus from Honeygain. For example, if a user you invited makes $10, you'll get $1 to your account.

For example, we have 1388 referrals at the moment, and it provides us with a few additional dollars in earnings every day.

Refferals png


In our opinion, Honeygain is a great way to earn some passive income. All you need to do is to sign up, install the Honeygain app on your device, and start earning money! It can't be any easier!

Additionally, you can use our tips and increase your monthly earnings with the referral program or the content delivery feature.

So, if you're not using Honeygain yet, it's the right time to sign up and start earning some extra income. Don't forget to use our link to get the $5 bonus!

Is Honeygain legit?

Based on our research and experience with the app, Honeygain is completely legitimate and is a great way to earn some passive income.

How do you make money from Honeygain?

Honeygain pays you for sharing your internet connection. For 10 GB shared, you'll earn $1. And it's really easy to start using Honeygain! All you need to do is to sign up and install the app on your devices with an internet connection.

How much can you make with Honeygain?

Your earnings are based on the GB amount of traffic you share with Honeygain's network. For 10 GB shared, you'll earn $1. Using Honeygain will not make you reach but you can easily make $20-40 per month with zero effort. You can also increase your earnings by inviting new users to Honeygain.

Is Honeygain profitable?

Yes, using Honeygain is profitable as don't have to pay for anything and you may limit the amount of internet traffic the application uses on your devices.

Does Honeygain really pay what you earn?

Yes, Honeygain really pays out your earnings. You can watch our video with the Honeygain payout proof to PayPal.

Does Honeygain slow my internet speed?

The Honeygain application doesn't slow your internet speed. You won't notice the difference in the internet connection even when the app is active.

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